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Exclusive: Olivier Janssens and his $100k bounty to replace the Bitcoin Foundation Paul Buitink talking bitcoin, tulips, volatility and money laundering with the Dutch central bank George Gammon and the Venezuelafication of the US De week van Bitcoin #19: Buffet en Roubini verkopen bitcoinonzin, rally in Litecoin De week van Bitcoin #18: de jacht op Satoshi en de Texas conferentie

Paul Buitink talks to Brett Scott, author of The Heretics Guide to Global Finance – Hacking the Future of Money about the dangers of the cashless society. They also discuss the potential of crypto-currencies. After unsuccessfully applying for a job at Lehmann’s Brothers, Brett eventually worked a few years as a derivative broker. He then wrote his book as a guide on how to build ... MicroStrategy Stock Jumps 9% Following Bitcoin Investment... The stock price of MicroStrategy (NASDAQ: MSTR) surged by a little over 9 percent following its acquisition of hundreds of millions of dollars worth of Bitcoin on Tuesday. The... Yashu Gola 1 hour ago; Here’s How High Bitcoin Could Run Before Facing Immense... Bitcoin has seen some incredibly strong price action throughout the ... Paul Buitink is een libertijn, onderschrijft de Oostenrijkse economische school en Bitcoin als een bijzondere technologische innovatie dat een paradigma shift kan veroorzaken in de manier waarop we in de toekomst zullen nadenken over geld en betalingen zonder de tussenkomst van banken. Yesterday, September 26th of 2015, I attended the Reinvent Money event in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, that was organized by Paul Buitink. The goal of the event was to bring people together for a grand discussion on the future of our monetary system. This discussion on monetary reforms is totally necessary if one considers the current problems with the euro and Greece, banking scandals, the ... Organisiert von dem holländischen Unterstützer des Bitcoin und einem ehemaligen Marketingleiter bei GoldMoney, Paul Buitink und Justin Leitgeb, einem IT-Unternehmer aus den USA. In Quito ist das Büro der Justin's Stack Builders Softwareentwicklungsfirma stationiert. Obwohl die Werbung für das Treffen nicht groß war - die Informationen über die Veranstaltung wurden nur auf der Facebook ...

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Exclusive: Olivier Janssens and his $100k bounty to replace the Bitcoin Foundation

Paul and Michel also discuss democracy, fiat money, financial illiteracy and much more. They conclude that Bitcoin at least has the positive effect of people debating and recreating money again. Paul Buitink talks with former entrepreneur turned investor and youtuber George Gammon about his path to becoming a youtube host. And about the Venezuelafication of the US. George shares his ... Tuur Demeester and Paul Buitink talk to Olivier Janssens about his $100k bounty to replace the Bitcoin Foundation. In De Week van Bitcoin #18 praten Paul Buitink en Tuur Demeester over de poging tot het ontmaskeren van Satoshi door Newsweek. Verder aandacht voor de problemen bij de Bitcoin Foundation, de ... Ter uitzondering en als gevolg van technische problemen staat deze aflevering op ander kanaal. In De Week van Bitcoin #19 praten Paul Buitink en Tuur Demeester over Warren Buffet's en Nouriel ...